express manicure
This service includes a quick shaping and buffing of nails, cuticle oil, moisturizer and polish. . . . . . $18

spa manicure
This luxurious treatment includes complete nail and cuticle care. Your hands will be exfoliated with your choice of CND Almond or Citrus Scrub. Hydrating lotion, followed by a rejuvenating massage and the perfect polish application will conclude this service. . . . . . $27

signature hydrating manicure
Complete hand & nail care plus a hydrating moisture mask for intense dry skin rejuvenation. Hot towels, a soothing massage, luxurious lotion and the perfect polish application. This anti-oxidant rich treatment will leave your hands totally transformed! . . . . . . $37

hydrating paraffin for hands
A botanically based add-on treatment that will add moisture & nutrients to thirsty skin and nails! Hands will be exfoliated, treated with cuticle oil and enveloped in our sanitary, single-use warm paraffin gloves. The heated paraffin will allow deeper penetration of the moisturizing ingredients, hydrating your skin and chasing away tension. . . . . . $18

CND Shellac™ manicure
Shellac is the breakthrough, patent-pending UV technology that combines the ease of polish with the durability of gels. A true innovation in chip-free, extended wear color. Shellac is UV cured, so there's zero dry time. It's thin and flexible like polish, so it looks natural and provides strong natural nail protection.
The results? A 14-day, glorious, high-gloss shine!. . . . . . $37

gel nails
Get the natural look and flexibility of a gel – and gel nails can be sculpted or used with a tip overlay to extend nail length. Unlike acrylics, this product has no odor and does not require the use of a drill or intensive filing for removal. If your natural nails are soft, split or brittle and you need extra strength, or if you just want longer nails, this is a great product to use with your CND Shellac or any other nail polish. Fills are recommended every two to three weeks.
full set . . . . . . $50
overlay . . . . . . $37
fill . . . . . . $34

children's manicures
For little girls 6 through 12 - a quick shaping and buffing of nails, cuticle oil, moisturizing lotion, and a perfect polish . . . . . . $12
Nail art can be added, starting at $2.



Experience our luxurious spa pedicures! You can relax and breathe easy knowing our "Clean Touch" pipe-free technology is not only providing an invigorating hydro-massage, but represents the state-of-the-art in advanced hygiene as well.

express pedi
A quick soak and exfoliation with complete nail shaping and cuticle care. Lotion and a perfect polish application complete this service. . . . . . $35

spa pedicure
A luxurious soak and sugar scrub exfoliation, along with complete nail & cuticle care. A penetrating moisture mask will be applied to the skin, followed by a soothing massage to relax your entire being. A perfect polish concludes this service. . . . . . $50

signature hydrating pedicure
Drift away while your feet are pampered to perfection. We will exfoliate and then hydrate your dry skin with our deep-heat paraffin booties! This single-use treatment eliminates any risk of bacterial or fungal cross-contamination. Feel secure, pampered and very special! Complete nail and cuticle care along with callus removal and a relaxing massage complete this hydrating service. . . . . . $65

CND Shellac™ pedicure
Say goodbye to waiting for your polish to dry and hello to tough, flexible, brilliant color that stays high-gloss, and won't chip or scratch for at least two weeks! Shellac has no dry time– it's UV cured.
express shellac pedi . . . . . $60
spa shellac pedi . . . . . $70

children's pedicure
For little girls 6 through 12 – a soak, a quick shaping and buffing of nails, cuticle oil and moisturizing lotion and a perfect polish . . . . . $30
Nail art starting at $2.

sports pedi
For men and all serious athletes— especially runners!
De-stress in our fantastic spa pedicure chairs, with a deep, invigorating hydro-massage. The cushy, leather chair backs recline, and have a roller massage feature. Relax in a moisturizing CND Citrus soak, followed by exfoliation, callus, nail, and cuticle care. A deep foot massage will be followed by a rich moisturizer to lessen the likelihood of calluses and cracking. Then, your nails will be buffed to a high gloss shine. . . . . . $50

mother-to-be pedi
There's a lot of conjecture and misinformation out there about pregnant women getting pedicures. Rest assured- moms-to-be can ABSOLUTELY pamper themselves with a pedi. Just make sure you put your toes in experienced hands—ours! We make sure that the water temperature is comfortable, but not so warm as to elevate the temperature of a pregnant woman. Due to reflex points that could activate labor, we do not apply pressure between the ankle and heels for the same reason. And our luxurious pedicure chairs will support your overworked, achy lower back – and elevate your legs!. . . . . . $50

When you have diabetes, any injury to your feet is a major concern. We suggest consulting with your primary care physician to ask if having a pedicure is acceptable for you. And be sure NOT to shave your legs for at least two days prior to receiving a pedicure. All of our nail technicians are well informed on the special considerations and techniques of giving pedicures to diabetics. Our sanitation practices are impeccable. We thoroughly inspect your feet and calves to ensure there is no broken skin, open cuts, or infections. Please understand, if there are, we will not be able to move forward with your pedicure. We understand the importance of water temperature, and a gentle touch for the exfoliation and massage. We gently manicure your cuticles, and file your nails. . . . . . $50

detox soak™
Refresh and revitalize with this soothing and refreshing herbal soak, followed by a massage service. Hydrates and softens your dry calluses, facilitating callus removal. We recommend adding this service to a pedicure for maximum results.
added to any pedi . . . . . $15
detox service only . . . . . $30